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“Steve Callaway”
8ft 2in+ Greater Hammer Head Shark

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Are You Ready To Reel In Your Next Big Catch?

Book one of Gulf Coast Yaker’s all-inclusive land-based fishing packages for your next trip today! Our relaxing land-based surf and shark fishing bundles include an 8-10 foot raised platform, shark fishing tower, fishing rods, reels, additional fishing gear, drones, jet skis, kayaks, and an expert fishing guide for up to five people– although we make it a breeze to add more people to your group.

Land-based Fishing Packages

Prices start at:

4-Hour Surf Fishing

Bull Reds only for up to 2 People ($50 per person after 2)

$ 450
6-Hour Trip

Shark / Bull Reds for 3 ($50 per person after 3)

$ 600
8-Hour Surf Fishing
$ 800
10 Hours

Up to 5 people. $50 per person after 5

$ 900
Sea-Doo Jet Ski Fishing

4 Hour Minimum

$ 400
4 hrs Minimum $400 and up


Why Choose Gulf Coast Yaker?



Here at Gulf Coast Yaker, fishing is our happy place, and we’re dedicated to providing professional guide services so it can become yours too! We abide by angling regulations and work hard to provide all of our customers with a relaxing experience.



No matter your age or experience level, if you’re looking to catch sharks or do some surf fishing– there’s a place for you with Gulf Coast Yaker. Whether you’re looking for minimal help or a lesson in angling, we’ve got you covered.



We do our best to keep shark fishing safe for local anglers by providing reliable equipment and expert guidance. This not only keeps you safe, but it stops harm from coming to protected shark species and keeps the people enjoying the beach safe too.

Get The Most Out Of Your Land-Based Shark Fishing Trip

Gulf Coast Yaker is a family-friendly land-based shark fishing guide service helping anglers of all ages relax by the water and reel in fish and sharks they can be proud of. We provide the essentials to create unforgettable experiences for both new and experienced fishermen.

Refer A Friend And Receive $100 Off Your Next Adventure!

Gulf Coast Yaker wants to make angling more accessible to anyone interested in giving it a try and make the whole experience more affordable for you and your family, we’re now offering $100 off your next booking when someone you refer books a trip of their own.

Save $100 On Your Next Shark Fishing Trip

For a limited time only, you can get $100 off your next booking when you refer a fellow angler to Gulf Coast Yaker. Summer is fast approaching and we want to get more people out fishing on the beach. Let’s make the upcoming fishing season one to remember!

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