The Bolivar Peninsula's Top Shark and surf Fishing Guide

About Us

“Fishing is my happy place. If I can help make it someone else’s too, then that’s even better.”

Steven Callaway
Founder of GCY

Gulf Coast Yaker Surf and Shark Fishing

Master surf and shark angler Steven Callaway started Gulf Coast Yaker to spend more time on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico fishing his days away. As a lifelong fishing enthusiast, he decided to pursue his dream and provide surf fishing guidance, equipment, and relaxation to anyone looking for an escape from daily life and the opportunity to take part in this amazing sport.

Why Choose Us

It is Gulf Coast Yaker’s mission to create an exceptional land-based shark and surf fishing experience for all of our customers. Whether you’re a first-timer or a  pro angler– there’s a place for you on the Texas Coast alongside GCY. We are a local, professional, and friendly angling guide that you can trust!

Land-Based Shark Fishing

Book your next land-based shark fishing adventure with Gulf Coast Yaker for an opportunity to reel in a catch you can really brag about. Sharks are abundant in the warm waters near Galveston’s North Jetty and the rest of the coast from May to September. Since most sharks will put up an admirable fight, you can expect to test your athleticism when you’re not kicking back and relaxing on the beach. 

In Texas, you can fish for and take home an Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacktip, Bonnethead, Hammerhead, Bull, Finetooth, Spinner, Lemon, Blacknose, Thresher, Tiger, Blue Shortfin, Mako, or Nurse shark. Our pro angling guide will also help you navigate state fishing regulations, licensing requirements, and provide the shark fishing gear.

Texas Land-Based Surf Fishing

Head out to the shores of the Bolivar Peninsula from Spring to early Winter for some exciting saltwater fishing opportunities. Here at Gulf Coast Yaker, we get particularly excited about reeling in massive bull redfish, but there’s a myriad of surf fish swimming along the shore too.

Gulf Coast Yaker– Bolivar Peninsula Guided Fishing Trip

Reserve your fishing trip with Gulf Coast Yaker today for a good time. Owner Steven Calloway accompanies each angling group on their fishing excursion and he’ll be sure to bring all of the drinks, tackle, bait, and gear you need to have the best shot at reeling in the biggest catch of the day. 

While the fish might not bite every day, Gulf Coast Yaker will be by your side as you relax. Or maybe you’ll even break the Texas shark fishing record– if you’re particularly ambitious, of course. So what do you think? Can you break the Texas record and haul in a shark heavier than 1,033 pounds? 

Call today to book your next land-based shark or surf fishing trip today! Our packages run from 1.5 hours to overnight and start at just $500. Ready for more information? Well, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Save Money On Your Next Coastal Fishing Trip!

One last thing before you go, since Gulf Coast Yaker wants to make angling more accessible to anyone interested in giving it a try and make the whole experience more affordable for you and your family, we’re now offering $100 off your next booking when someone you refer books a trip of their own.