Land-Based Shark Fishing

What if we told you that you never even have to set foot on a boat to capture one of the ocean’s greatest predators? Gulf Coast Yaker is based in Gilchrist, Texas, but is known for helping anglers of all skill levels reel in sharks in Galveston, Matagorda Beach, Brian Beach, Surfside Beach, and all along the Texas Coast. We’re a top choice for local anglers because we make each fishing trip easy and relaxing by providing all of the equipment, accommodations, and guidance needed to create an outstanding shark fishing experience. 

Call today to learn more about our Texas land-based shark fishing packages for groups. For more information about Texas’ shark fishing guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions about the sport keep reading!

Gulf Coast Yaker– The Premier Coastal Shark Fishing Guide

Pro shark angler Steven Callaway started Gulf Coast Yaker because he’s happiest when he’s fishing and wants to create an environment where anyone who’s interested in the sport can learn more or just have a great time on the beach. It’s just a bonus that he gets to sit beachside with fishing enthusiasts all day.

GCY makes shark fishing easy because we provide everything anglers need to make an impressive catch. When you book with Gulf Coast Yaker, you’ll have access to an 8 to 10-foot lifted platform, shark rods and reels, and Steven himself will be available to help you use drones, jet skis, and kayaks to set the shark bait.

Shark Fishing Prices

All of East Coast Yaker’s shark fishing packages include everything an angler needs to catch a shark, bait placement up to 1,000 yards out, and covers fees for up to five people. And if you want to add more people to your party, it’s just an additional $50 per person!

Texas Parks & Wildlife– Shark Fishing Guidelines

TPWD is the state agency charged with protecting Texas wildlife and their habitats. Gulf Coast Yaker abides by the regulations they’ve set for the good of the local shark population and in hopes that this sport will be around for generations to come.

Shark Bag Limit

The TPWD only permits Texas anglers to take home one shark per day and it must be an approved shark species. If your shark fishing party contains five people, then you would only be able to take home five approved sharks following your shark-fishing excursion. 

The state also enforces a two-shark possession limit. 

TPWD Approved Sharks

Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacktip, and Bonnethead sharks must all be 24 inches or larger to be kept. The Hammerhead shark must be larger than 99 inches, and all other approved shark species must meet a minimum requirement of 64 inches. 

The sharks that you can fish for in Texas include the:

  • Atlantic Sharpnose
  • Blacktip
  • Bonnethead
  • Hammerhead
  • Bull
  • Finetooth
  • Spinner
  • Lemon
  • Blacknose
  • Thresher
  • Tiger
  • Blue
  • Shortfin Mako
  • Nurse

Shark Fishing Gear Requirements

You will need specialized fishing equipment to reel in a shark, but the gear you utilize must meet Texas’ requirements. Texas requires anglers to use non-offset, non-stainless steel circle hooks when fishing for sharks off the Bolivar Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Coast Yaker Shark Fishing FAQ

As always, you can give us a call or instant message us on Facebook with your questions– but for now, here are the answers to the top shark fishing questions we get from folks interested in angling.

Is shark fishing legal in the US? 

Shark fishing is legal in the United States, although it is heavily regulated. Shark finning however is prohibited under the 2000 Shark Finning Prohibition Act

Shark fins have high cultural and monetary value which led people to remove the fins off sharks before dumping the still-alive fish back into the water. This is an immeasurable act of cruelty and those found guilty of committing this crime can be charged with a misdemeanor, forced to pay a fine, and may spend time in jail. 

In Texas, it is legal to fish for and bag 14 species of sharks which include the Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacktip, Bonnethead, Hammerhead, Bull, Finetooth, Spinner, Lemon, Blacknose, Thresher, Tiger, Blue, Shortfin Mako, and Nurse. 

How do you shark fish from shore?

To hook a big fish or shark, anglers generally need a stiff 8 to 10-foot surf rod. Many fishers prefer a spinning reel, although casting reels are also sufficient. Regardless, it will need to hold a minimum of 300 yards of line and be able to handle at least 25 pounds of drag. 

For your main line, use a 65-pound braided line. A 4-8 oz. sinker and a 6/0 or 10/0 circle hook work well for snagging sharks. 

For bait, you’ll want to use fish that measures 8 to 12 inches long, at least if you’re hoping to reel in a big shark.

Gulf Coast Yaker– Texas Land-Based Shark Fishing Guide

The shark fishing information we’ve shared with you today will give you a good start, but it’s far from everything you need to know about the sport. If you still have questions, are ready to book a shark fishing trip, or just need a few more details– give us a call at (903) 394-1975.